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    • Aleta Greenspan
      Founder / Trainer

      Aleta Greenspan

      Founder / Trainer

      Hello and Thank you for your interest in our Manners for Life program.

      With decades of experience in business and volunteer work on an international level, I know that each social or business environment has a prescribed code of behavior and speech (written or unwritten) that one must follow in order to be successful within that environment. Being civil to one another is still good business.

      The “Manner’s For Life” program, which is an unpretentious etiquette program, is designed to provide the necessary and foundational training to help children, teens, parents and educators navigate through the social skills of life. What excites me the most about teaching manners is the possibility that I may influence a student to apply these lessons to structure a forever lifestyle that will multiply their influence with people and help them communicate more effectively in a way to reduce the number of conflicts with people in social or business circumstances. It is time we get back to being more polite and kind to one another.

      Aleta Greenspan, Founder

      Manners for Life, LLC

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