• Our Programs

    Manners for Life offers four distinct programs
  • Knowing and practicing good manners everyday creates a lifestyle of acceptable behavior and speech. Children who are polite, and know how to conduct themselves in various social situations are more likable, easier to be with, and have fewer conflicts with others.

    We offer four (4) distinct “how to” manners programs that are designed to be customized and flexible to meet your time frame and specific needs. Programs can be structured to be:

    · 1 hour Girl/Boy Scout Programs to meet Badge requirements.

    · 1 hour School Assembly Programs

    · 2-hour Private Family Programs that includes Table Manners.

    · 4-hour After School Programs that are taught 1 hour each week.


    • Early Childhood
      • 4 yrs-6 yrs
      • 5
        Min Class size
    • Elementary School
      • 1st - 5th
      • 5
        Min Class size
    • Middle School
      • 6th - 8th
      • 5
        Min Class size
    • High School
      • 9th - 12th
      • 5
        Min Class size

    Each age-appropriate program has at least 3 interactive modules that teach Social Skills—Manners in Public Spaces—Communication Skills—and Table Manners.

    At Manners For Life we believe children and teens deserve the opportunity to be taught the proper behavior and social skills that will help them grow and develop into happy, well-rounded likable adults. Here is your change.

    We owe it to our children to teach them manners and prepare them for a lifestyle of knowing and practicing good behavior.

  • Our goal is to help children create bright futures for themselves.

    • Greater confidence and self-esteem
    • More empathy for others
    • Empathy for others
    • Improved etiquette and social skills in the classroom
    • Parents notice a difference in their behavior at home
    • Better manners in everyday life outside the classroom
    • Greater willingness to take on new challenges and leadership roles
  • Private Etiquette Instruction

    Learning good manners and proper etiquette should being at home. We can be a great resource for busy parents who want to establish good habits in behavior but don’t quite know where to start. Our Manners for Life program can be customized to include the entire family. Hearing “please” and “ thank you” said by everyone in the home will make it a much nicer place to be.

    Girl/Boy Scout Programs

    Let us help your troop earn their social skills badge. Each scout will receive a handbook of instruction that includes a module on conversation skills, making proper introductions, writing thank you notes and more. We are happy to work with the troop leader to customize a program that will meet the requirements needed to earn a specific badge.

    School Assembly

    Let’s set a time to discuss how our Manners For Life program can be developed and presented in a meaningful way during a school assembly. We can customized our modules to target specific issues or structure a program to make your student body aware of the value of using good manners in developing a lifestyle that will lead to building confidence, character and courage.

    After School Programs

    Participating in a fun, interactive manners class after school will enhance a student’s social and communication skills and give them an advantage when meeting people and participating in various social situations. Programs are scheduled once each week and can be customized to be 4 to 8 weeks long.

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