• Early Childhood Curriculum

    Life Skills | Manners | Character Education | Social Emotional Learning
  • Early Childhood Program

    Teaching basic etiquette and encouraging the practice of good manners during Early Childhood development gives younger children a foundation for building their confidence and character that will help them be successful in elementary school. Our Early Childhood curriculum is designed to be fun and interactive during lessons that teach basic socials skills and elementary rules of courtesy and thoughtfulness. At the end of this training, children will know why it is important to be polite, learn to have empathy for others and display good manners at the dinner table.

    In our age-appropriate modules students will learn:


    • Eye contact
    • Smiles
    • Posture
    • Respect
    • Magical Words
    • Handshakes
    • Ages:
      4 yrs to 6 yrs
    • Class Size:
      Min. 5 Children
    • Pricing:
      Contact for Pricing
    • Sessions:
      Fully Custom Scheduling
    • Introductions
    • Using grown-up titles
    • Conversation Skills
    • Thank you notes
    • Table manners
    • Manners in public places
  • Why Manners For Life's Early Childhood program?

    Students who complete the Manners For Life curriculum will become more polite, well-rounded children.

    Here are some of the qualities you can expect them to exhibit:

    • A polite and well-rounded child
    • Improved confidence and self-esteem
    • Empathy for other
    • Using good manners and social skills in the classroom
    • Showing their parents what they have learned at school
    • Displaying good manners in everyday life outside of the classroom
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