• Middle School Curriculum

    Life Skills | Manners | Character Education | Social Emotional Learning
  • Middle School Program

    It is never too late to start teaching good manners and basic etiquette to improve social skills and table manners. Our Middle School curriculum is very relevant for today’s tech savvy students as well. You only get one time to make a good first impression whether it is made on online or in person. Students displaying good social skills and showing respect and consideration for others creates a positive reputation in middle school that will follow them through high school. Our Middle School curriculum is fun and interactive, covering topics that are very relevant for today’s young teens. After completing our training students will understand why manners are important, understand the importance of digital etiquette, and feel more comfortable in social situations.

    Middle School students will learn:

    • Digital decorum
    • Conversation skills
    • Communication skills
    • Eye contact
    • Conversational Eloquence – eliminating meaningless interjections such as, “like,” “um,” and “ya know” from their speech
    • Grades:
      6th thru 8th
    • Class Size:
      Min. 5 Children
    • Pricing:
      Contact for Pricing
    • Sessions:
      Fully Custom Scheduling

    • Posture
    • Handshakes
    • Introductions
    • Thank you notes
    • Table manners
    • Manners in public places
  • Why Manners For Life's Middle School program?

    Students who complete the Manners For Life curriculum will become more polite, well-rounded young people.

    Here are some of the qualities you can expect them to exhibit:

    • A polite and well-rounded tween/teen
    • Improved confidence and self-esteem
    • Empathy for other
    • Using good manners and social skills in the classroom
    • Showing their parents what they have learned at school
    • Displaying good manners in everyday life outside of the classroom
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